“Séance d’Hypnose” at Centre Pompidou

For the “Soirées Sonore #5” at Centre Pompidou, Paris, I made  a collaboration with the french sound designer/composer Théo Radakovitch.

The idea was to spatialize  Théo’s piece “La Séance d’Hypnose” with Ambitools and a mobile Ambisonic playback system. Most of the piece was pre-spatialized and played back in loop while two monophonic tracks were left to spatialize as sound sources. Thus, while the listeners could seat and enjoy the piece, one of them could control the trajectories and spatialize two of the sources with a remote. See also here.

The event went on Thursday May 16th 2018 inside the work “Respirare l’Ombra” at Centre Pompidou. Here are some picture:


As well, a binaural version of the mix is available below:

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