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Fork from github

Alternatively, to get the last updates, you could fork the code repository on github. To do so, download the .zip file here and extract it, or type in a terminal (Linux, Mac) the following command:

$ git clone

You will obtain a directory ambitools with the following structure:

  • Documentation: everything concerning the documentation (pdfs, including some scientific papers).
  • Faust: everything written in Faust language (all the ambitools plug-ins + some utilities).
  • FIR: Finite Impulse Response filters bank for binaural rendering and spherical microphone equalization filters, to use with Jconvoler, BruteFir, or other fast convolution software.
  • Processing: everything written in Processing language, namely the spherical VU-Meter
  • PureData: everything written in Pure Data (a few sounds generator patches, and playstation-like remote patch to drive Faust plug-ins with Open Sound Control protocol, OSC).

The sub-directories are organized as a src directory where the source code are and a bin directory where the compiled code for various architecture and format are.

To get the last commit, type at the root of directory ambitools (or wherever you forked the github repository) the following command:

$ git pull

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