• Inputs: $(M+1)^2$
  • Outputs: $(M+1)^2$
  • Gain
  • Azimuth
  • Elevation
  • On/Off
  • Crossfade duration


This plug-in performs a highly selective directional filtering on the input Ambisonic scene. That is to say, only one direction, set with the parameters Azimuth and Elevation, is retained in the output Ambisonic scene.

With this tool, one can listen at a particular direction and explore the Ambisonic scene.  The direct analogy is a flashlight: Imagine being in the dark and having the sound coming only from the direction where you point at with the flashlight.

The effect is activated/bypassed with the toggle On/Off. In order to smoothly transit from the original input scene to the filtered one, a crossfade is used when the effect is activated/deactivated. The duration of the transition (in seconds) is set with the Crossfade duration parameter. An example of GUI is shown in Fig. 1:

Figure1. hoa_beamforming_dirac_to_hoa compiled for Linux JACK-Qt.

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